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About us

DroneCDS is a trusted leader in providing reliable and compliant drone services across the Caribbean and the US. With our advanced drone technology and a team of FAA Part 107-certified drone pilots, you can rely on us for accurate and comprehensive aerial data collection for informed decision-making without high costs or compromising safety. 

We specialize in delivering solutions to optimize your operational accuracy without compliance issues and help achieve greater precision in aerial data. Whether it is;

  • Obtaining accurate and comprehensive aerial data across industries 
  • Conducting detailed inspections & surveys without compromising on quality or safety
  • Capturing high-quality visuals from unique perspectives to stand out in the market

DroneCDS offers a comprehensive range of aerial solutions tailored to your needs. We conduct all operations with the utmost care, ensuring your projects are safe & successful.

Trust DroneCDS for detailed inspections, stunning aerial visuals, and the accurate data you need to drive your business forward.

Our Services
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Aerial Photography & Videography

Capture stunning visuals from unique perspectives. We provide breathtaking views for real estate, marketing, events, and more.

Precision Land Survey & Topographical Mapping

Obtain accurate and detailed geospatial data to create detailed maps and 3D models for precise planning and development.

Infrastructure Inspection & Analysis

Conduct safe and efficient infrastructure inspections, identify potential issues & create detail-rich reports for informed decision-making.

Data-driven Agricultural Monitoring

Monitor crop health and productivity, optimize yields, and manage resources effectively. We provide detailed aerial data and actionable insights for precision agriculture.

Cinematic Event Aerial Coverage

Take your event coverage to the next level with cinematic aerial shots. Our team captures cinematic shots that go beyond documenting the event.

Comprehensive Environmental Surveys

Conduct thorough environmental assessments with our drone services. We offer detailed aerial data for environmental impact studies, providing the data needed for informed decision-making.

Advanced Surveillance and Security Patrols

Boost your security with advanced aerial surveillance, real-time monitoring, and automated patrols for large areas and critical infrastructure.

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